Seizure Monitoring Center

Up to 30% of the patients diagnosed with seizures may not actually have seizures. They may have a condition that mimics seizures.

A seizure diagnosis can lead to:

  • Driving restrictions
  • Loss of job
  • Social Stigma
  • Medication cost and side effects
  • Hassle and cost of various testing

Video EEG monitoring is the “Gold Standard” test. It will help your provider determine a final diagnosis.

The Seizure Monitoring Center is located in our Beavercreek office at 2510 Commons Blvd.


  • The patient will come to the DCND monitoring unit where an EEG will be performed recording brain activity. This could take up to a few days.
  • Each room is equipped with a video camera that will capture the patient’s episodes. The EEG wires attached to the head will also be recording data. All of the data is projected onto screens for a health professional to monitor 24/7.
  • The information will help determine the location of the seizure/abnormality and best treatment option.


  • Yes! While patients are being monitored, they can relax in their own private room where they will have access to TV, internet & visitors. There is also a common living room area.
  • Multiple health professionals are at the facility 24/7 so patients feel safe.


Based on the results of your screening, a physician will meet with you to discuss next steps. Treatment options include:

  • Medications
  • Vagal Nerve Stimulator
  • Epilepsy Surgery
  • Ketogenic Diet

Additional detailed testing may be recommended in an inpatient setting.

Inside one of the SMU patient rooms.

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