Beavercreek Office Expands

Beavercreek Office Expands

(MAY 2018) – Dayton Center for Neurological Disorders is expanding its Beavercreek office at 2510 Commons Blvd. DCND has invested an additional 1 million dollars in adding two new patient rooms and a Seizure Monitoring Unit.

DCND has added two additional exam rooms to the Beavercreek Office bringing the total to 8. DCND has also developed a Seizure Monitoring Unit (SMU) in the new space. That includes two patient sleep rooms and a common living area.


The purpose of the Seizure Monitoring Unit is to monitor, diagnose and treat. Many patients are diagnosed with seizures and may not actually have them. They have conditions that mimic seizures. This unit will use EEG monitoring and will help us determine a final diagnosis. The patient will usually stay for a few days in the SMU with the hope we catch and record an episode. That data will help our physicians determine the location of the seizure and best treatment. It will also help us determine if any additional testing needs to be done.

This expansion is creating several new positions as well as expanded care for the Beavercreek community. DCND providers will now will be able to see more patients in a timely manner.

DCND providers see patients with neurological conditions including Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraines, Stroke, Epilepsy, Sleep and Parkinson’s.

With multiple locations to choose from, patients don’t have to drive long distances to see their neurologist. It gives the patient greater access to care.