Neil Diamond announces Parkinson’s diagnosis

Neil Diamond announces Parkinson’s diagnosis

Last week, singer Neil Diamond announced he has Parkinson’s Disease and will stop touring. Dr. Douglas Pugar with DCND appeared on WDTN to talk about the symptoms and treatments of Parkinson’s after the announcement.

Diamond was 76 years old when he announced his diagnosis. Dr. Pugar say Parkinson’s is considered a movement disorder that impacts the central nervous system. Symptoms can include tremor, stiffness of movements, and problems with posture and walking. He says most of the time people notice the tremors first.

“Often times that is kind of the obvious one that is hard to miss. Sometimes even families will notice it before a patient does,” said Dr. Pugar.

Dr. Pugar says while there is still no cure for the disease, there are treatments.

“There are lots of medications that can help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. There are also a lot of therapies that can help patients better their movements and avoid falling by improving their balance,” he said.

Dr. Pugar said there is research underway that will hopefully help the medical community develop better treatments and possibly a cure one day.

DCND is involved in some of that research. You can learn more about that here: