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Always a pleasure to have an appointment with Dr. Beegan.

Kevin K. | Apr 14, 2024

Rebecca M. | Apr 14, 2024
Great experience. Knowledgeable doctor on latest options.

Mary B. | Apr 13, 2024
Dr. Alexander is a great doctor. She cares about my health issues. She takes time to hear my concerns and asks me how my shot has helped or not helped me ever time I see her. Really like her.

Lois J. | Apr 12, 2024
Very nice and understandable

Clifford P. | Apr 12, 2024

Edward S. | Apr 12, 2024
Dr Pugar was very thorough and considerate

Caryle M. | Apr 12, 2024
He does an excellent job of listening, answering questions, and explaining things.

Robert S. | Apr 12, 2024
My visit with Dr. Alexander was amazing! The entire staff was so obviously caring and warm that I felt at ease and knew I was in the right place! And I don't know where to start about Dr. Alexander. I have seen so many physicians over the years but none have ever made me feel so at ease and that she truly cared about everything I needed help with. I'm looking forward to the future with her and feel that she will give me the help other physicians failed to do. She is truly a gift from God!

Penelope C. | Apr 12, 2024